Estithmar Holding Q.P.S.C. opened its fifth Learning Centre in Al Shahaniya as part of its educational programme “Wise Workers” designed to provide the company’s workforce with new skills for the changing job market in Qatar. The programme contributes to the steady growth of the services sector in preparation for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.


Elegancia Resources, a subsidiary of Estithmar Holding, developed Wise Workers in response to the company’s vision of creating a brighter future from Qatar to the world. The programme includes both theoretical and practical training, such as English lessons, hospitality, catering, facility management services, and career development counselling, to ensure that workers have the necessary skill set to progress their career transition.


The Wise Workers programme was launched with 240 participants last April. Four training centres have also been set-up inside the workers’ accommodation making it easier for participants to access the educational facility. There are now five training centres that train up to 600 workers daily.


Henrik Christiansen, Estithmar Holding Q.P.S.C. Group CEO visited Al Shahaniya training centre to officially open the facility. He spoke with workers enrolled on learning courses to understanding how they are benefitting from the courses.


“Estithmar understands that we have a role to play in transforming human capital and supporting skill development through the Wise Workers programme that will help our workers to thrive in a rapidly changing environment,” said Christiansen.


“An individual’s achievement of advanced learning reflects discipline, commitment, and determination, and Estithmar ensures that our employees leverage their individual value. As the future is fast unfolding, we are preparing our workforce to enhance their skills and career development through the company’s commitment to education” he added.


Estithmar Holding is stepping up its efforts to support the rapid growth in tourism, entertainment, and healthcare as part of Qatar National Vision 2030. Through its 30,000 strong workforce and vibrant network of businesses across many sectors, the Group is venturing into new investment areas that will raise human capital.