This Ramadan, ASSETS Real Estate Development celebrated its exclusive sponsorship of the Four Seasons Ramadan Tent. The sumptuous Ramadan tent was set to bring a festive and lavish experience for its guests and companies showing support for the holy month of Ramadan.

During the serene nights of Ramadan, ASSETS welcomed groups of guests and partners from public figures, sales agents, consultants, contractors and suppliers. Complementing the grand atmosphere inside the Ramadan Tents, ASSETS also held a successful mini exhibition in the duration of the occasion. Visitors witnessed an eye-catching miniature display of ASSETS projects; The E18hteen and Baywalk on top of them.

As Ramadan ends, ASSETS deem that the sponsorship helped build and strengthen customer’s relations, in the Holy Month. The sponsorship is based on the company’s belief in the importance of strengthening the community bonds in Ramadan as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.